Font Prejudice

At no time is it more clear that I have font prejudice than when I'm trying to choose a font for a new logo. I was browsing through FontExplorer today, looking for fonts and noting how many of them I don't like.

Some of my dislikes are (in my opinion) somewhat reasonable, dislikes for:

  • badly designed fonts (like Gill Sans which has great letterforms but crappy word spacing in every version I've ever used)
  • fonts that suit a very specific purpose but are so broadly misused/overused that I can't stand seeing them anymore (Comic Sans, Papyrus, Marigold, Tekton)
  • fonts that are just ugly (Matura Script Capitals) and 
  • fonts that represent the worst of Microsoft Word to me (Times New Roman, anything Lucida).

But then there are other fonts like Optima, Goudy and Zapfino. Perfectly good fonts that never hurt anyone. I just don't like them.

Take today. I was browsing through my fonts and  noticed a font the logo name looked pretty good in. I look closer and "Oh no, not Goudy!" Here I am ready to reject a perfectly good font because of my unreasonable prejudice. Just to prove I'm not letting my prejudices overcome my good design sense, I'm going to try and design a logo version with Goudy. If it's appropriate and looks good, just use it.

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