University of Otago Magazine

The University of Otago's magazine cover design has interesting and elegantly modern typography. The inside design is restrained with lots of white space.

Photoshop Annoyances: Turning off the Pixel Grid

I never noticed the pixel grid in CS4 but somehow it was turned on by default in CS5. I found it annoying to zoom in and have the pixels outlined in white and I couldn't figure out where to turn the grid off for a while. Once I found it, I was relieved because it's so easy to turn off (unlike certain other frustrating CS5 interface upgrades that won't turn off like InDesign's frame edge selection feature).

In Photoshop, select View > Show > Pixel Grid. To turn it off make sure Pixel Grid is unchecked.

Gail's Artisan Bakery

Gorgeous red lacy detail on Gail's Artisan Bakery package design.

Lynn Magazine

What a sweet cover photo for the Lynn University's Winter 2010 magazine issue. I also like clean modern layout and use of circular elements in the magazine design.

White Rabbit Studios

White Rabbit Studios: an interesting vintage-style website design with a realistic lace background and appropriate typography.

Art by Natalia Campbell

Here are a few of my favorite photos by Natalia Campbell. I love the colors and the play with depth of field.