Creating a Halftone Background

Here a simple way to create a background texture with halftones:

  1. Create a new file in Photoshop. I created a 600px x 600px at 72 dpi file for this example.
  2. Fill the background with 50% gray.
  3. Choose Filter > Pixelate > Color Halftone. I left the default angles alone and chose 8 px for one sample and 30 px for the other.
  4. Choose Image > Adjustments > Gradient Map and pick whatever colors you like.
  5. If the background you've created has too much contrast, you can apply levels or change the layer opacity to get the desired result.

Sleepers Awake

One of our print vendors gave away promotional posters featuring this painting by Daniel Nevins. I like his smooth and flowing style and how he contrasts bold and delicate textures and colors.

The Indian Clerk

The Indian Clerk is a work of fiction set in the early 1900s British India and relationship between mathematicians G.H. Hardy and Srinivasa Ramanujan. My favorite thing about this cover is the small title centered in the circular pattern. I also like the muted sepia tones and subtle patterns.

Color Scheme Cravings

You know how sometimes you start craving ice cream or creamy pasta or something yummy and not immediately available? I'm craving colors today.

I'm wearing a light cyan blue shirt today. When I walked by a hibiscus bush during lunch, I was struck by how well the colors work together—how the icy light blue beautifully complements deep red of a hibiscus flower. Since I can't use these colors for any of my current projects, I thought I'd post my color scheme here.

The flower is a character in the free font Kalocsai Flowers.


I like Nofret for its elegantly rounded letterforms, straight serifs, and beautiful small caps. In the italic cut, the characters are less round and more compressed—very calligraphic. As is generally true of modern serifs, as the font weight gets heavier Nofret's thick to thin ratio becomes more and more pronounced.


I'm not interested in reading this book (too morbid) but I couldn't help admiring the colors and design of the cover. The colors work so well together! I also like the rough texture in the typography and upper part of the cover. Beautifully executed.

My Work: Scarred

I created this Halloween-inspired slightly creepy montage (entitled Scarred) for the October 2008 Challenge. In this monthly contest, users create designs using the images provided (this month they provided background textures) plus whatever other images/graphics you like.


There's nothing like photos for visual stimulation and relaxation. I also like viewing photos to inspire colors, shapes and composition for my design projects. Interestingness ( is a daily photo wall of randomly generated interesting photographic inspiration from Flickr. Neat!

Threadless is an on-going tee shirt design competition. Anyone can submit their design and if it gets a high enough score (and is chosen by the Threadless crew) it will be printed and sold from the site. has many unusual, unique, fascinating and sometimes disturbing designs. T-shirts, the contemporary art form.

Here are a few designs that caught my eye. I especially love the minimalist grace of the fox illustration.

Welcome to My Portfolio

My portfolio is officially up online. Whew, finally! I've been busy with other projects but this has been on the back burner for too long. So I invite you to browse my portfolio.