Book Art of Isaac Salazar

So creative! Folding pages to create words - book art from Isaac Salazar.

Rounded Corner Art

This image in Shutterstock's partnership with AIGA announcement caught my eye. I like the colors, overlay effect and overall movement.

My Work: Tale of a Few Covers

Design 1.
The original design brief for this project was to have a collage-type cover with McCarty Hall (the main College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) building) and a variety of student photos showing different CALS activities on campus. They really liked another piece I designed and wanted the same mix of black and white and color. So I designed this:

Design 2.
I also wanted to try something different, something a little simpler graphically. Since this is a booklet about donor opportunities to develop future programs at CALS, I came up with the title "Grow Our Future." I used a photo of a seedling growing to depict growth opportunities at CALS.

Design 3.
Then the client changed the design brief, stating that the main campus photo should be of the Century Tower, not McCarty Hall. With this photo change, the upper photo I had in the top left in Design 1 had to be moved to the top right and it looked weird, like it was floating in the clouds. So I rearranged the photos (some of them changed from the previous design) into an overlapping strip at all at the bottom ending up with this final approved design:

The inside design keeps that overlapping multi-layer feel but uses one image to depict each program area:

Cards from Smock

Sweet letterpress cards with pops of yellow. From Smock.

How to Organize Paper Sample Swatch Books

Photo courtesy of Print Pinball

This tip is for graphic designers that send so many projects to print that they need to maintain a shelf or shelves with paper manufacturer sample swatch books. If you only print a few projects and always use the same 4-5 papers, you won't have enough samples to be disorganized.

So one of my print vendors recently helped me organize our shelves at work into order, the same way that he organizes his swatch books at his office. This is what I learned:

Organize by categories

  • Sort into coated, uncoated and specialty.
  • Coated includes synthetic papers, flysheets, boards/C1S/C2s (coated one side, two sides), and regular gloss, satin and dull sheets
  • Uncoated includes opaque, offset and digital papers plus text and writing papers
  • Specialty includes banner and book cover vinyls, book cover materials, anything unique

Once sorted by categories, group by manufacturer.

  • You can group all the smaller manufacturers together in a miscellaneous group but bigger paper manufacturers like Neenah or Sappi will need their own sections.
  • If you have duplicates of the same paper sample book, look on the back or underneath the samples for the copyright and/or printing date. Keep the newer book and recycle the old one. If you would like to keep duplicates (hopefully all printed in the same year), then group them next to each other.

Within the manufacturer groups, organize by sheet grade/quality.

  • Sort left to right with premium, high cost sheets on the left and lower grade, economy sheets on the left.

Snow White by Aya Kato

Snow White by Aya Kato. Simply beautiful!

Command Posters from Atmostheory

Love these simple and clever posters using commonly used commands. It's funny how embedded these commands are — I didn't even have to stop and think "Cmd-S" = Save, I just read it straight. From Atmostheory.

FontShop's Type Navigator

From the official description: Meet TypeNavigator, the world's first interactive visual font search system. "Visual" means you don't need to know anything about what you're looking for - all you need is that image in your head."

Update: It looks like this feature no longer exists on FontShop's site. Here is a similar service from Identifont.

Free Comic Sans Font Alternatives from Ban Comic

Comic Sans - the font designers love to hate. Ban Comic pokes fun at the inappropriate uses of Comic Sans (for example doctor's office letters or informational signs). Check out their free font list with Comic Sans alternatives.