Web Inspiration: Typography and White Space

These sites create structure, form and style simply and elegantly with creative use of white space, typography, lines and shapes.


Package Design from Thymes

I like the interesting color combinations and textural/decorative elements in Thymes package design.

Book Cover Inspiration: Dark and Light

My favorite in this selection is The Imperfectionists. I like bottom weighted composition and expanse of black space. The high key image and off centered typography in Tinkers are elegantly executed. The suggestion that the most interesting part of the composition is off the frame (Genesis) and the hair silhouette 'O's (A Short History of Women) are also intriguing.

Easy Navigation between Master Pages

Quick tip: To easily navigate between master pages in Indesign, just hit the page up or page down keys. Even though the master pages don't appear connected, they are! (On a regular page when you zoom out you see the previous and next pages—it's not like that in master pages.)

Tea Towels and an Owl

Beautiful colors and patterns in these tea towels from flowie

This owl - too adorable! from kelly kay creative

Keyboard Shortcut Solution for [None] Character Style

It's been a pet peeve of mine that I can't apply a custom keyboard shortcut for the character style [None] to remove all character formatting from the text in InDesign.

I finally googled it and there is a work-around, creating your own character style of "none" and assigning a keyboard shortcut to that. Here are the instructions at InDesignSecrets.com.

The Design Inspiration

The Design Inspiration has an good variety of logos, illustrations, fonts, websites, photos and patterns for design inspiration. Some of my picks from today:

Umbrella Sky

Silk Soymilk ad

Risen pattern

Aphrodite Pro

With a name like Aphrodite, how could this script font not be elegant, feminine and gorgeous? Snapshot from myfonts.com below: