Brent Couchman

This typographical graphic from Friends of Type's feature on Brent Couchman caught my eye. I'm not usually a fan of multi-colored lettering (or brown - I'm really not a fan of the color brown) but the swirling type, texture and colors create a pleasing vintage feel.

Web Inspiration: Variety

Here are a few beautiful, interesting or well-organized website designs that have inspired me lately:

Ennea Sportswear does a great job creating a natural look with interesting textures and elements. I love their logo tab.

Silicon Prairie News is beautifully organized. The floating boxes, subtle color scheme and good use of white space add up to a comfortable and elegant reading experience.

Emily Steffen Photography is stylish in its restraint. My favorite things about this design are the small touches of yellow and shaggy gray page border.

I love Hibiscus Creative's bold use of color and typography. The gray and blue vintage plant art and background add balance and texture.

Unique Color Schemes from Color Collective

Lauren Willhite created Color Collective "as a designers' resource for color." She chooses photos she's inspired by and comes up with a five swatch color scheme based on the photo. I think it's a great way to create some unique and unusual color schemes.

What Does Highlighted Text in InDesign Mean?

If you've ever opened an InDesign document and seen text highlighted in pink, yellow or green, here's what those colors mean:

Pink highlight = font or glyph is missing or wrong
Yellow highlight = H&J Violations or other violations
Green highlight = manually applied kerning or tracking

To turn off all highlights, uncheck all Highlight options in the Preferences panel > Composition. Or if possible, fix the original problem, especially in the case of missing font.

More on this from InDesign Secrets

Embroidered Book Covers by Jillian Tamaki

I can't stop looking at these amazingly beautiful embroidered book covers for 3 Penguin Classics books. Jillian Tamaki does beautiful work!