Botticelli's Venus

No designer can avoid recognizing Botticelli's The Birth of Venus. This beautiful painting was the face of Illustrator until the bland solid color icons of today. I love this painting for it's grace, detail and beauty. I especially appreciate the detail and softness in Venus's face and hair.


  1. Hi, I'm an italian graphic designer too. I visited your blog searching nothing in a boring night...
    so i decided to leave a message and when I sow the Venus... I did.
    There's antother Botticelli's famous painting, which I prefer: The Spring.
    The original title is "la Primavera" here the link: ). I think it's one of the best masterpiece in the world. It's also in Florence, as the Venus.
    I will come back to read and write of art and design :)

    (excuseme for the mistakes... my english is not so good...)

  2. The woman (Spring?) in the center with the red shawl is very delicate and beautiful. I don't think I've seen this painting before or if I have, I don't remember it.

    I'm just sorry I can't read any Italian to even figure out a little of your page. Thanks for becoming a reader.