Level Ground Trading Packaging

Level Ground Trading's coffee packaging is beautifully designed. I especially like the bold colors, texture, and black and white people photos. Designed by Subplot.

My Work: Custom Desktop Wallpaper

I was getting bored of my desktop wallpaper selection and instead of searching for more free 1920 x 1200 px wallpaper (the size of my largest monitor), I decided to create my own wallpaper from free textures and photos I had on hand. Please feel free to download these for your personal use (click on the image name).

Abstract Lilies

Blue and Ornate

Golden Textural Collage

Detailed Ink Art by Valentina Ramos

I love the detail and color in Valentina Ramos's art. The peacock is definitely my favorite but all of these pieces have so much detail and style. See the full collection in her Etsy shop.

Mr Pavo Real

Moooo - The Cow

The Giraffe

Ganesha: Lord of Success

Font Squirrel - 100% Free Fonts for Commercial Use

If you're tired of searching through the thousands of fonts on sites like dafont.com (current free font count over 12,000) Font Squirrel is a great resource. They hand-pick free high quality commercial-use fonts. Their total font list is a manageable 659. It's such a relief not to plow through junk to find a few gems — the gems are already separated out!