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Here's some interesting art from 20x200. Their tagline: It's art for everyone. New original editions weekly at ridiculously affordable prices. www.20x200.com

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My Work: IFAS Annual Report

In this design for the IFAS Annual Report I veered away from the color photo heavy previous years and explored a different design style using large blocks of solid orange and solid white, heavy use of sepia tones (vintage style with color scaled back from the darks and light - instructions here) with color photos used sparingly for emphasis.

Festival International de Louisiane Posters

I love the colors and eclectic variety of beautiful art that has graced the Festival International de Louisiane posters over the years. Unfortunately there are very few posters in the shop but you can only see the rest of the posters in the poster game (click Show Solution to see the finished poster).

daily design discoveries

I just discovered daily design discoveries, a design inspiration blog. Some of my favorites from the last 2 weeks:

Switzerland Postage Stamp

Letterpress Book

Record Album Art