Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Typography: Ligature, Loop & Stem Poster

Everything you ever wanted to know about the the actual parts and pieces of a font is on this elegant typography poster from FPO.

Art from Volume 25

I love these sweet and whimsical posters from Volume 25.

Paste It in InDesign

Copying and pasting bits of text is even more efficient when you take advantage of all the Paste options InDesign has to offer. Most of the time, when I'm pasting in text, the box or the text area I'm pasting into already has a style applied. I want to make sure the text I'm copying takes on the new style, leaving any previous formatting behind. The following options help keep that formatting in place while pasting text.

When pasting into InDesign from outside of InDesign (email, web, MS Word, etc), make sure your preferences are set up correctly to strip away any extraneous formatting. Under Preferences > Clipboard Handling, check "Text Only" in the "When Pasting Text from Other Applications" box.

When pasting within InDesign, from one text box to another, use Edit > Paste without Formatting (Shift-Cmd-V).