My Work: Tale of a Few Covers

Design 1.
The original design brief for this project was to have a collage-type cover with McCarty Hall (the main College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) building) and a variety of student photos showing different CALS activities on campus. They really liked another piece I designed and wanted the same mix of black and white and color. So I designed this:

Design 2.
I also wanted to try something different, something a little simpler graphically. Since this is a booklet about donor opportunities to develop future programs at CALS, I came up with the title "Grow Our Future." I used a photo of a seedling growing to depict growth opportunities at CALS.

Design 3.
Then the client changed the design brief, stating that the main campus photo should be of the Century Tower, not McCarty Hall. With this photo change, the upper photo I had in the top left in Design 1 had to be moved to the top right and it looked weird, like it was floating in the clouds. So I rearranged the photos (some of them changed from the previous design) into an overlapping strip at all at the bottom ending up with this final approved design:

The inside design keeps that overlapping multi-layer feel but uses one image to depict each program area:

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