CD Artwork

I'm finally catching up on finding and adding cover artwork to iTunes so my albums can be reunited with their covers. It's funny how technology comes in a circle: moving away from artwork to a text only list back to including the artwork again. Here are some of my favorite covers.

Pink Floyd, Pulse - unique and creative concept. Excellent execution considering the album release date: 1995 and Photoshop version at the time: 3.0. Sarah McLachlan, Mirrorball - love the warm tones and textures and flower-like shape.

Jamie Cullum, Catching Tales - The bright red text and funky font make this cover pop. Sarah Brightman, Harem - I love the smooth empty space of the water and the sky. The curls on the text add interesting flair.

Sissel, Into Paradise - I know this technique is probably past its due date by now but I still like the erased title and photo edges. Shiller, Tag und Nacht - (Day and Night in German) simple, graphic, striking.

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