How Do You Know What You Don't Know?

The obvious answer is "you don't." If you don't know something, by definition you don't know that you don't know it. Knowing that you don't know has been something I've been meditating on and experiencing lately.

If I don't know something, there first has to be that glimmer of knowledge, the realization that I don't know it, then the desire to know it, and then the stumbling in the dark trying to learn it.

In regards to design, if I don't know the right words to google, how will I ever find out how to do the Photoshop technique I'm envisioning? If I don't know there is an efficient short cut to a regular program task, how will I know to even look for it? If I don't know what exactly I'm looking for, how will I know when I find it? I may miss the perfect piece of design inspiration or graphical technique for a project because I don't have patience to go through more than the top 20 google results. Or I don't even know to search for it.

We often live our little slice of life in ruts—driving the same route, eating the same meals, visiting the same websites, day in day out. Part of learning is stretching out into the unknown but sometimes the amount of information out there can be overwhelming and sorting the treasure from the trash exhausting. So, while I know there are many things I don't know, sometimes I try to know them and sometimes I'm just happily ignorant of how many things I don't know.

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