Brand Redesigns: Pepsi & Tropicana

Some package redesigns are great—more attractive, more user-friendly, more interesting than the original design (Publix brand and Celestial Seasonings, for example). Some are not so great—less attractive, less user-friendly, more boring than the original design. The new Tropicana and Pepsi packaging, in my opinion, fall into the second category, worse than the original design.


PSFK has this neat image of Pepsi's logo progression over the years. The current logo looks like it should fit in the line up before the last 4 Pepsi logos — it's flat and boring, the curves are awkward and the logo text is so small it's hardly there. Since English is read left to right horizontally, if a designer chooses to use vertical type, that type has got to be even more well designed, interesting and easy to read than the same type if it was horizontal. I don't think this typography makes the cut.


Tropicana has had the same design for so long so I'm sure it was time for an update. The old design was a bit old fashioned but the new one is just... boring. I like the updated logo text but the rest of the text looks awkward. It looks like the designer couldn't decide which text to make prominent so decided to make it all big. On the previous carton, there was better distinction between the logo type, juice description, amount of pulp, and other items (pasteurized, carton size, etc). The new carton feels like a typographical jumble.

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