US Election Graphics

I'm heartily sick of the presidential election and ready for the media circus to end. (Actually, it never ends, it just switches topics but one can always hope...) I was most impressed with the Obama campaign design although McCain's campaign design suited McCain quite well. So for an election graphics roundup:

Obama's campaign fonts are Gotham and Perpetua (I almost thought it was Warnock Pro but the A's weren't right and a Google search revealed the correct serif font). Gotham is a good sanserif font choice for a message of change with its simple and modern look. Perpetua can actually be annoying as a text font because the x-height is rather small but it works well for titles and has a sharp modern look here. I like the O logo — it's simple and striking, although the Capitol building feels a little too round - it might have been better with the cupola added on top. Using a brighter blue with or instead of the standard dark blue was another graphical way to convey a message of change.

By far, my favorite design item was the multicolored Obama poster. Great choice of colors, image and retro styling. I've seen these posters all around town.

McCain's campaign font is Optima, a bold sanserif font with slight curves in the letterforms. The star was a good choice to emphasize McCain's military experience. It also brings the stars on the American flag to mind. This shade of yellow with this shade of blue doesn't work so well but it's bold and again ties to the military — all of those "Support Our Troops" ribbons are yellow. The McCain stickers are the same exact design as the yard signs so I didn't duplicate it here. I haven't seen any McCain campaign posters around town.

I'd give Obama's website design an A and McCain's website design a C.

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