Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious

This is a fascinating book—it sort of reminds of Blink and The Tipping Point. I enjoy that sort of book: scientific but written so lay people can understand. But I'm here to talk about design. When searching for an image of the cover, I stumbled on the UK version so I thought I'd share that too.

I like and dislike things about both of the covers. Here goes:

US cover
I think the illustration is well done. It's easy to understand that the figure could choose to either follow logic and obey the sign or follow his gut instinct. I like the slightly quirky serif font for the subhead and the author's name. However, I think that overall the typography is a little too small and weak. The colors yellow and black are also very appropriate since that color combination is often used for danger signs.

UK cover
This cover breaks the mold of what I'd usually expect a book cover to be. The whole cryptic/word search style for the cover is fun and different. The simple sanserif font works well and there is enough contrast to pick out the words "Gut Feelings." I always eliminate unnecessary hyphens so the "UN-" in UNCONSCIOUS irritates me and looks like a mistake. The "&" is also begging to be moved up to the previous line.

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