Perspective Text Movie Poster

I like the white space and perspective text on this poster. I figured the perspective text would be a quick and easy trick. Well, it wasn't easy, at least for me. I tried a lot of different things in both Photoshop and Illustrator before finally finding a series of steps in Illustrator that mostly worked. I'm really curious how the designers made this one because this is my best shot (at least with the time I have available) and it's doesn't match the original 100%.

Here are the steps I used in Illustrator to create the perspective text:

  1. Type my text in and color it.
  2. Apply perspective to both pieces of text on a purely eyeballing it basis. The Illustrator way to distort in perspective is to select the Free Transform tool, start dragging a corner handle and then hold Shift+Option+Command and drag down.
  3. For the smaller text: Rotate 29 degrees, Shear -30 with an angle of 29
  4. For the larger text: Rotate -25 degrees, Shear 40 with an angle of -25
  5. Add figures and other elements.

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