Almost Black and White Movie Poster

This poster caught my eye with it's strong contrast, simple layout and use of black and white in a sea of color posters. But once I looked closer, I saw that the black and white of Kate's face is actually has a very slight sepia tint and the scene in her sunglasses has a slight bluish tint. Gotta love subtleties like that.

I often use MyFonts What the Font to discover the name of fonts I see used in publications or posters. It works great if the letters aren't touching but has problems with letters that overlap or are very thin. But this time, I just eyeballed the font as Helvetica Neue and it's pretty close.

This was a pretty straight-forward recreation:

  1. Black background.
  2. Insert type and apply gradient to title
  3. Type some random overlay text. Add a layer mask and render clouds. Use the paintbrush to erase parts of the image I didn't want.
  4. Insert a woman's face, use CS3's Image > Adjustments > Black & White feature to get the black and white look I want. Crop it with a layer mask.
  5. Duplicate face and use splatter to roughen the image a little. Opacity at 40%.
  6. Create selections for both the left and right of the sunglasses and insert image of the mountains. Adjust color as necessary with Hue Sat.

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